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Old 05-06-2019, 09:44 AM
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Default Ending to a tough season

Kentucky spring gobbler season closed yesterday. I hunted like a weekend warrior the final two days.

Saturday came and went without even a gobble. Nothing.

Sunday (the final day of the 2019 spring season) I hunted the family farm, and heard one bird on the property, roosted in an unusual location, that actually gave me an advantage. I built a wooden blind, overlooking a long and narrow 2-3 acre field with thick brush on the south end, and deep hardwood ravines on all other sides. This bird roosted at the west end of the field, giving me an opportunity to slip into the blind undetected because of the rise in the field, and the brushy point that protrudes out into the field. He gobbled all morning. I called and he answered, but he wanted to remain on the west end of the field. There is a road on that end, and if he crossed it, I would have a difficult time calling him back across it. So I used the only trick I had left, the old silent treatment. I would go silent for 10-15 minutes in between calls. I just gave him enough information to know I was still there. It finally worked, and curiosity got the better of him. This was the SLOWEST gobbler I have ever seen. He would stay in one spot, half strutting and gobbling for five minutes at a time, before he would take 2-3 steps and start all over again. He came in from my extreme left, and finally made his way inside 35 yards. He seemed wary of my blind, and I believe this was the same gobbler I shot at a week prior, and shot right over his head. I was ready for a long time, and when I pulled the trigger, nothing happened! I was panicked at this point. I tried three different times to pull the trigger, but nothing would happen. I finally got frustrated, and racked another shell into the chamber. That got his full attention. He broke strut, and started to run away. He hesitated for just a second at the edge of the brush, and I fired. The gun went off this time, and he crumpled up in a pile, to my amazement. I hopped out of the blind to collect my bird. He had a 10 1/2" beard and 1" spurs. It had been a long, tough-hunted season, but it came to a close on a good note.

After inspection of my gun, I figured out the malfunction was all user error. While loading the gun, in the dark, I hadn't closed the chamber all the way. When the trigger had been pulled, I noticed it never "clicked", and there was no dent in the primer on the shell. I won't be making that mistake again any time soon!

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Old 05-06-2019, 10:10 AM
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Damn, I've done that before on a very large buck at less than 10ft from me when i was 15. Still haunts me to this day. Glad it ended well for you. Congrats!
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Old 05-06-2019, 10:22 AM
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Glad you got him
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Old 05-08-2019, 06:27 PM
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Way to close it out!
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Old 05-13-2019, 11:50 AM
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