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Default "Competition homes only"

Not that Im in the market at this very minute for another Lab pup but day will come in the next 5 years so Im trying to start putting back a little $$$ for a good pup and at least 5-6 months training or so. Simply put, Allie is getting up close to her senior years and I cannot imagine life without a good retriever in it.

Im taking it that "competition homes only" means because I dont do hunt tests or field trials and dont even get to hunt a whole lot, I got to settle for a backyard bred mutt with no health certs again?

I understand people not wanting their prized pups from a Grand Champion being fat ass couch dogs that wont fetch a biscuit but will people that breed healthy pups really not sale one to someone like me that is looking for a good dual purpose dog that knows service work and retrieving work?

Surely with everyone I know in the dog business, I will be able to find a decent Lab pup when time comes?
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